This journey that you've taken with Four Saints has been a long, worthwhile one. Your continued support and enthusiasm fuels us. Dear friends, the light is now clearly seen at the end of the tunnel.

We were recently received some great news:  

Our fermentation vessels should be arriving around the middle of December! 

How big was your smile right then?

It's finally happening! The fermentation vessels are the first pieces of the almighty brewhouse, which will arrive some weeks after the fermentation vessels.

This moment has been a long time coming, and we are thrilled to share this news with you. As of right now there is not an exact date or time of arrival, nor will there much (if any) control over those factors. They're gonna tell us when, and we will happily oblige. We will make sure to share pictures and more.

Thank you for taking this journey with us. 

Days of sitting at the taproom will be here soon.


Joel and Andrew

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