• Omie
    Blonde Ale

    The blonde ale is oft an overlooked style...
  • German

    The German Hefeweizen exemplifies quite a dichotomy in craft beer. This style demonstrates that not all is as it seems...
  • Potter's Clay
    Amber Ale

    The potter is an artist and an artisan – skillfully looking for beauty in the shapeless red clay...
  • Genesis
    Belgian-style Dubbel

    The caramel sweetness from crystal malts and light fruitiness of traditional Trappist Ale...
  • Stout One

    Aptly named, Stout One was our first venture as a brewing company. The combination of malts, roasted barley, and rolled oats builds the foundation of what a stout should be – chocolaty, sweet, smoky, full-bodied...
  • St. Wenceslaus
    Bohemian Pilsener

    Because Bohemian hops were so valued, King Wenceslas ordered...
  • Soon-to-Be-Named
    Double IPA

    1994 was a good year in beer history – the double India pale ale...
  • Brabant Caramel Quad

    Seasonal Series - The warming effect of our Caramel Quad compliments the great strength and bold flavors of the traditional Belgian malts...
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The Initial Mash

Four Saints Brewing pays homage to the patron saints of beer, Saint Wenceslaus, Saint Nicholas, Saint Luke and Saint Augustine of Hippo. They’ve become the most recognized patron saints for brewing and beer because of their contributions to and associations with the world’s favorite sudsy beverage.
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Four Saints Founders Joel McClosky and Andrew Deming are carrying on the brewing tradition in the hopes of future sainthood, or at least to make some really good beer.

A Guide to Recognizing your Saints
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