ABV IBU SRM Suggested Serving Temperature:
5.9 47.5 10.0 50-55°F

Glassware: Pint glass styles (Becker, Nonic, or Tumbler), Mug styles (Seidel, Stein, Dimpled, or Tankard)

Food Pairings: Barbeque, pork, game, roasted chicken, fish and chips

Cheese Pairings: Mild English cheese (i.e., Lancashire, Leicester), buttery (i.e., Brie, Gouda, Havarti, Swiss), nutty (i.e, Asiago, Colby, Parmesan)

Dessert Pairings: Oatmeal cookies, pound cake, cheesecake, spiced nuts

Bitter Brothers ESB

This roasty, nutty, and caramelly beer is the result of Maris Otter and Biscuit malts vying for your attention to notice their own special toasted qualities. The smaller Caramel malts just sit back and watch the show, playfully catching your tongue every now and then. The Chinook hops’ rich, herbal smokiness plays referee, stepping in to break up the skirmish when needed and reminding the two malts that it’s only by working together does anyone become memorable.

History: With cask ales a hot trend in 2012, we decided to give it a go ourselves. However, we wanted to focus on the traditional beers that were found in casks. Not that we don’t like the additions to beers in casks; we love the creativity our brewing brethren (and sisters) demonstrate. We figured we’d get there. Brewing a traditional style to be served from a traditional vessel was more our path. An ESB also seemed a great fit into our lineup; malty, smoky, inviting. As for the name, both Andrew and Joel do have brothers. At this current time, of your reading, there is no bitterness between any of them.