Pottery Mug Club Opportunity

This is your chance to join an exclusive FSBC Club. 

During our Kickstarter campaign, one Backer level included a Lifetime Pottery Mug Club membership with a locally made FSBC-inspired pottery mug. Initially, we made 100 memberships available, and 59 of those were claimed. This left 41 spots open. This is your chance to claim one of those Lifetime Mug Club memberships. 

The remaining mugs, in various limited quantities, are pictured in this blog post below.
The names of the pottery are present, as well. 

Whynot IMG 3969 IMG 3972   IMG 3973  IMG 3974 IMG 3975 IMG 3976                                             IMG 3978

Membership into the FSBC Pottery Mug Club is $250.
Included in that price is:

  • Two (2) FSBC stickers
  • One (1) FSBC 64 oz growler
  • One (1) FSBC Nonic pint glass
  • One (1) FSBC-inspired Pottery Mug
    (that will have your name/membership number on it and that can stay at the brewery)
  • One (1) FSBC Lifetime Mug Club membership

Please email us to reserve your spot. Mugs will be chosen by you, on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you can't make it to the brewery, we can accept payment via PayPal. If you can make it to the brewery, we are accept cash, plastic, and check. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email or call us at (336) 610-FSBC. 

Joel and Andrew

AB-InBev Super Bowl Fizzle

During Super Bowl 49 the world got to see just how AB-InBev views the craft beer industry. The seem to view it with disdain, contempt, and frustration. AB-InBev spent $9 million to poke fun at the craft beer industry. And all it seemed to do was piss off a lot of people. 

Some would say that was exactly the point. Some would say AB-InBev is getting massive amounts of press, mainstream, social, and blogged, and that was the goal. All that is specualtion. The reasons for the tone of the commercial will be nothing but assumed by you and me. 

So, what do we take from this commerical then?

  1. AB-InBev acted like the multinational corporation it is by attacking small businesses. 
  2. Craft brewers now have more proof they are making a difference. 
  3. AB-InBev is one these two - completely disconnected from what they've been doing recently with the ownership acquisitions of 10 Barrel Brewing and Elysian Brewing OR they totally get it and they want to flaunt that they can/will continue takeovers. 
  4. The Super Bowl 49 ad gives SABMiller a tremendous opportunity to latch onto the craft brewing industry by lambasting AB-InBev (not that it will help SABMiller).

Most importantly, millions of Super Bowl viewers are now more familiar with craft beer. 

My speculation is that somewhere out there, someone had no clue that pumpkin peach ale was a possibility, if even a reality. Now, s/he does. 

And, s/he will be seeking craft beer in the near future, if s/he hasn't already. 

Thank you, AB-InBev for prostelyzing for us. We appreciate the $9 million gesture.


The Idea of Complete

The website overhaul is nearing completion.
The taproom is nearing completion.
The brewery is nearing completion.
The permitting is nearing completion.
The vendor orders are nearing completion.

What does it all mean? It means we are close, but not done yet.
We're closer now to completing the projects listed above than we ever have been before.

And, that's exciting.

Stick with us becasue we're about to emerge from our chrysallis...and you don't want to miss that once in a lifetime event. 

The Arrival of the Brewhouse is Imminent!

This journey that you've taken with Four Saints has been a long, worthwhile one. Your continued support and enthusiasm fuels us. Dear friends, the light is now clearly seen at the end of the tunnel.

We were recently received some great news:  

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