Break Bread With Us

Faye’s Diner, in partnership with Four Saints Brewing Company,

is a food truck endeavor with elevated diner-style foods, the kind that makes every part of your being happy, with modern accents, ingredients, and twists. The menu will be one that will appeal to the sophisticated diner and to the casual diner at the same time.

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Breaking bread with people you know and love is a cherished tradition. Sharing food can break down walls and build relationships. The recipe boxes and nostalgic rituals of baking and cooking connect us to our past. Taking chances to evolve what we know and love with new ingredients or techniques keeps creativity flourishing in the neverending quest for that meal that makes us close our eyes and savor the moment. And, this is the intention of Faye’s Diner…to bring us all together around the crowded tables without the reservations of life, status, or responsibilities in order to connect to each other with love and respect…just like Faye would want us to do.