ABV IBU SRM Suggested Serving Temperature:
4.1 22.0 4 40-45°F

Glassware: Pint Glass (or Becker, Nonic, Tumbler), Mug (or Seidel, Stein)

Food Pairings: Cuisine (Italian, Middle Eastern); Lighter foods, salmon, chicken, salads, bratwurst

Cheese Pairings: Peppery; Monterey/Pepper Jack; light, nutty cheeses

Dessert Pairings: Light apricot or mandarin cake, lemon custard tart

Omie Blonde Ale

The blonde ale is oft an overlooked style. To many, it is too simple to be considered worthy of a pint. Neither too malty nor too hoppy, the blonde ale resides in a state of near perfect balance. To us, the blonde ale exemplifies what craft is - sophistication through simplicity. The blonde engages without slipping into obsolescence. Omie Blonde Ale will surprise you with magnificence by way of delicate composure.

Origin: To say choosing to brew a blonde ale was a dream come true would be a flat out lie. We developed our blonde ale as a style to help usher in those new to craft beer, as an accessible stepping stone. Andrew turned out an award winner. Omie Blonde Ale is balanced and full of flavor.

The beer is named after a Randolph County, NC historical figure, Naomi Wise. This beer echos her memory - favored by many, light in spirit, and deep in character.