ABV IBU SRM Suggested Serving Temperature:
5.7 18.0 11.9 50-55°F

Glassware: Pint glass styles (Becker, Nonic, or Tumbler), Mug styles (Seidel, Stein, Dimpled, or Tankard)

Food Pairings: Chicken, seafood, burgers; great with spicy cuisine

Cheese Pairings: Port-Salut or lightly tangy cheese

Dessert Pairings: Strawberries, cinnamon, pears, pound cake, pecans

Potter’s Clay Amber Ale

The potter is an artist and an artisan – skillfully looking for beauty in the shapeless red clay. We pay respect to the potter and his clay through our Potter’s Clay Amber Ale. It’s sweet crystal and robust Munich specialty grains represent the artist’s fulfillment of well-crafted pottery. The Cascade and Fuggle hops add a slight bittering effect likened to the artisan’s acceptance of starting again. May the artist and artisan be forever linked, appreciated, and respected.

Origin: The first few beers we brewed were big, dark beers. They were the beers we were drinking most of at the time. One day, a revelation struck – not everyone likes big, dark beers. We needed something that would be a gateway beer into our other styles, and into craft beer in general. The amber style was our choice because this style presents the malts and hops in a welcoming, suggestive fashion.

As the first batch of our amber ale was sampled, we were pleased. The color was the inspiration for the name. The North Carolina Piedmont region is well known for it’s orange-red clay, which has been instrumental in this area becoming one of the most significant pottery areas in the country. Recognizing a connection between potters and brewers, the craft and art of each, and our location gave way to the name – Potter’s Clay Amber Ale.