ABV IBU SRM Suggested Serving Temperature:
5.3 24.4 27.6 45-50°F

Glassware: Mug styles (Seidel, Stein, Dimpled, or Tankard), Stange

Food Pairings: Barbeque, Latin American, fish, smoked/grilled meat, salmon, porchetta, bacon, cilantro

Cheese Pairings: Peppery (i.e., Monterey/Pepper Jack), sharp (i.e., Blue, Cheddar)

Dessert Pairings: Cantaloupe

St. Augustine Jalapeno Smoked Brown Ale

This fresh jalapeno smoked ale drinks like the life of one of brewing’s patron saints.  His early life can be summed up in his prayer: “Grant me chastity and continence, but not yet.”  Superbly crafted, the layers of St. Augustine begin with a predominant smoked malt character and a slight pop of fresh jalapeno heat and flavor.  Woody Willamette hops and aromatic East Kent Golding hops take this ale the rest of the way to recreate St. Augustine’s life after each drink: challenging, lingering, dynamic. 

Thoughts: Saint Augustine was a mistake. It was a happy, wonderful mistake...but a mistake nonetheless. We were attempting to brew a smoked porter, and during brewing the wort came across as too light. Rather than dispense of the soon-to-be-beer, we decided to try something. With limited amount of time we had to come up with something quick. The fresh jalapeno plants in Andrew’s garden seemed to have a special light hitting them that caught both of our attentions. The rest is FSBC history.