ABV IBU SRM Suggested Serving Temperature:
7.1 41 12.6 45-50°F

Glassware: Pint glass styles (Becker, Nonic, or Tumbler)

Food Pairings: Poultry, pork, game, black garlic, white fish

Cheese Pairings: Goat cheese, mild English cheese (i.e., Lancashire, Leicester)

Dessert Pairings: Fig preserves, oatmeal cookies

St. Nicholas Christmas Ale

The delicious holiday flavors and balanced hop character of St. Nicholas Christmas Ale is meant to be enjoyed slowly and fully with friends and family.  The almost piney and spicy character of the Chinook hops mix with our blend of winter spices to invite fond memories of the family around the tree.  The oaky ester of the London ESB yeast and the slightly spicy aroma of German Hallertau hops come together like old friends around the dinner table.  We are reminded the greatest gift we can give is time, and sharing St. Nicholas Christmas Ale will be a welcome addition to the fellowship of the season.

Thoughts: Of our four patron saints, three of them are connected to the Christmas Story in some fashion. Good King (Saint) Wenceslaus is the subject of a carol, the Christmas Story is told in St. Luke, and St. Nicholas is the foundation of the Santa Claus character. We decided to have St. Nicholas represent our winter saint beer because we had plans for the other two. Really, what other season could we use St. Nick? The choice seemed predestined.