ABV IBU SRM Suggested Serving Temperature:
7.4 35.5 63.5 45-50°F

Glassware: Snifter, Tulip, Goblet, Chalice, Oversized Wine Glass

Food Pairings: Spicy cuisine, pork, truffles, barbeque, beef, grilled meats

Cheese Pairings: Sharp (i.e., Blue, Cheddar), pungent (i.e., Gorgonzola)

Dessert Pairings: Toffee, nutty, spiced fruits

Warrior Monk Belgian-style Stout

Warrior Monks walk among us, typically unnoticed. These wise men protect and advance the world around them through patience, education and honor; confrontation is the last resort.

Beginning with the distinguished, complex nature of Belgian pale malts and Abbey yeast, the Warrior Monk steps into view. Roasted barley and chocolate malts reveal boldness. Fuggle and East Kent Golding hops give slight smiles, aware and ready. The raisin and toffee notes of Special B malts sweetly end the experience. Most walk away from this beer enlightened with a new appreciation for what Belgian-style beers are and can be.

Origin: We like stouts. We like Belgians. Why not put the two together?

That was pretty much how the conversation went for the inception of Warrior Monk. Sometimes, simple conversations like that lead to great things. For us it led to Warrior Monk winning a first place prize for Belgian Specialty Ale at the NC Brewer’s Cup, in conjunction with the NC State Fair.