Four Saints Brewing Company in Asheboro, North Carolina - Great Beer for Great People

A Guide to Recognizing your Saints
  • Genesis Belgian-style Dubbel

    The caramel sweetness from crystal malts and light fruitiness of traditional Trappist Ale yeast of our Belgian Dubbel pays reverent homage... Read More
  • St. Luke Honey Ginger Ale

    Honey, in some cultures, is considered an immortality elixir. Ginger, once considered magical, has long been known for its health benefits... Read More
  • Peach Hefeweizen

    Each summer leaves too quickly, and only hazy memories of long days and treasured nights remain. Our Peach Hefeweizen elicits those slight... Read More
  • Caramel Quadrupel

    The warming effect of our Caramel Quad compliments the great strength and bold flavors of the traditional Belgian malts and three types of hops... Read More
  • Potter’s Clay Amber Ale

    The potter is an artist and an artisan – skillfully looking for beauty in the shapeless red clay. We pay respect to the potter and his clay... Read More
  • Stout One

    Aptly named, Stout One was our first venture as a brewing company. The combination of malts, roasted barley, and rolled oats builds the... Read More
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The Initial Mash

Hello. Our names are Joel McClosky and Andrew Deming. We are the founders of Four Saints Brewing Company in Asheboro, NC.

A few years ago we started brewing beer together; Andrew was the seasoned veteran with over ten years brewing experience, and I was the apprentice. Opening a brewery has been a dream of ours for some time. The more we brewed, the more kindling was added to the idea. Then one day, amidst the research, we read an article about the four patron saints of beer and brewing. “Four Saints? That’d make a great name for a bar or a brewery.” The match had been struck; the kindling lit.

Although brewing beer has been around for thousands of years, Randolph County has never had a brewery.

So, yes, we are opening a brewery in Asheboro.