Do you have a general question about the brewery that is not answered by any other part of this website? Then you came to the right place! Fill in the info below and let’s get you that answer you’re looking for to help get Great Beer for Great People into your hands.

A note about reservations for individuals, groups, or for the taproom as a whole:
Due to the nature of our current capacity restrictions, we have suspended the practice of taking reservations for general seating purposes during regular taproom service hours.

Our taproom is a first-come-first-serve brewery taproom.

We view Four Saints Brewing Company’s taproom as a community space.

Our policy, simply put, is that we will not close our taproom for private events during our scheduled regular business hours.
Private events can be held on Monday nights (when the taproom is not open) and on Sundays after 6 pm (after regular Sunday hours).

    We’d like to carry Four Saints Brewing Company’s Great Beer for Great People!
    Please complete this form if you’re interested in carrying Four Saints Brewing Company, and your business is in the NC Piedmont Triad or NC Triangle areas. Someone from the sales team will reply to you within 24 hours. Thank you so much for your interest in Four Saints Brewing Company!

      We’d like to buy draft beer for a party or for my kegerator!
      Hosting a party or group event and interested in draft beer? Have a draft line at home that needs Great Beer for Great People? We typically have a few beer styles we can sell if you’re able to pick up (and return the empty keg) to our brewery.

      Make sure to let us know what beer(s) AND size of keg (a 1/2 barrel is a keg, which holds around 124 pints OR a 1/6 barrel is a sixtel, which holds around 42 pints) you would you like. Please understand that not all beers we have on tap in the taproom or at your favorite watering hole may be available.

      Please give us at least 48 hours to process your request.

      Keg pick-up and drop off hours:
      Mon – Fri: 3 to 6 pm
      Sat & Sun: 12 to 2 pm

      Payment is due upon pickup.

      NOTE: We require a deposit
      We charge a $100 deposit per keg and a $35 deposit per hand pump. Without a deposit, these tend to disappear (or take a really long time to get back to us). We will reimburse you in full once all items are returned. Credits typically take three to five business days to show up on your bank statement.

      Thank you for understanding.

        We’d like to perform at Four Saints Brewing Company!
        We are eager to mix it up and expand our musical horizons. So feel free to reach out, even if you’re not in these genres! We do tend to avoid overly vulgar and expletive-laden types of genres for the sake of keeping our space relaxed.

        Please complete the form to the best of your abilities, and we’ll be in touch if we’re interested. Thank you!

        NOTE: We typically shy away from any heavy use of drums, thrashing guitars, etc. Our space is small and loaded with flat surfaces, a concrete floor, and minimal acoustical batting.

          Breweries get a lot of requests for free beer, and Four Saints Brewing Company is no exception. While we are unable to support all incoming requests, we give each proposal careful consideration. Four Saints Brewing Company strives to support our communities with Great Beer for Great People. We will support organizations and events that benefit causes centered on those under 21 years of age, but the event’s target audience must be adults 21+. Events whose target audience are children and individuals under 21 years of age are not eligible for a donation. We tread lightly around political, faith-based, and other sensitive issues.

          We prioritize causes with a focus on:
          Local Families in Need
          Local Veterans’ Organizations
          Local Orphan/Foster Programs
          Local Community Development
          That’s not to say we won’t consider a donation to your charity, but we especially care about these missions. We donate only to registered 501(c) organizations, and you will be required to submit a copy of your registration document.

          Lastly, because of both the considerable demand and our commitment to serve, we work within a donations budget. Thus, we are only able to support charitable causes that take place at least 45 days from now within the NC Piedmont Triad. Please allow 7-10 business days for a response from our team.

          Thank you for considering Four Saints Brewing Company, and for doing what you do.