Great Beer For Great People


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Great Beer for Great People.


Four Saints Brewing Company will purposefully support our employees and community by growing the business intentionally and conscientiously through high-quality beer, exceptional customer service, and second-to-none hospitality to become a North Carolinian legacy brewery.



  • BEST BREWERY IN NC!!!! Staff is awesome, especially Jamie & Riley! The bands are always good and it is just an overall great atmosphere. Love coming here for a great time!

    thumb Toni Corona
    October 17, 2021
  • Awesome to be able to sit at the bar, visit with people I know and make new friends while having a mug of amazing beer! Asheboro is lucky to have such a great place to hang out and get delicious beer. They never disappoint.

    thumb Sherry Johnson
    May 26, 2021
  • Enjoyed our visit here. Bartenders are cicereone certified and very knowledgeable... And friendly! Great beers too

    thumb C B
    May 23, 2022
  • Having lived in Charlotte, the Triangle, and frequently visiting Asheville--which all have pretty great brewery scenes--I can confidently say that Four Saints is my favorite. They truly care about the flavor of their beer and aren't afraid to experiment with new recipes. I never had a beer there that I didn't like and many of their brews (Flowers and Fog and El Paladin, to name a few) were the best I've ever tasted. The atmosphere is for literally anyone and the staff is world class. Sadly, we no longer live in the area. This place was one of the highlights of my time living in Asheboro. I would love to see four saints in the Matthews/Charlotte area grocery stores!

    thumb Tanner Holden
    September 17, 2021
  • Such a great place. Highly recommend. Bar tenders are the best.

    thumb Zachary Waller
    May 13, 2022


Our mission at Four Saints Brewing Company is simple: Great Beer for Great People. We start with a high-quality beer. Our beer provides us the opportunity to help us grow our local economy, support meaningful organizations and charities, and create a place we would enjoy where hospitality matters and everyone feels welcome.

St. Luke

He is a patron saint of brewers because of his ability to mix various herbs together for medicines, just as they were for beer. His beer is a Honey Ginger Pale Ale Spring availability.

St. Wenceslaus

He is the patron saint of Czech brewers because he decreed death for hop exporters and/or thieves. His beer is a Bohemian Pilsener. Summer availability.

St. Augustine

He is a patron saint of beer and brewers because of his former life as a party animal. His beer is a Jalapeño Smoked Brown Ale. Autumn availability.

St. Nicholas

He is a patron saint of beer due to the traditions of giving fermented drinks as gifts. His beer is a Winter Warmer Christmas Ale. Winter Availability.

In 2008, Andrew and Amy met Joel and Kristen. Andrew and Joel began brewing beer together with two other friends, Jonathan and Pete. Once a month this group would gather to grill meat, brew beer, and imbibe. The garage conversations about opening a brewery in Asheboro began evolved from “someone should” to “we should” to “we are”. Through a few roadblocks and a couple of twists of fate, with determination and help from a lot of friends, because of the support of great people and a great community, Amy, Andrew, Kristen, and Joel opened Four Saints Brewing Company on May 6, 2015.

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All we want for Christmas is…St Nicolas Spiced Winter Ale! 🍻

We made our tap list and checked it twice and looks like St. Nicolas is BACK ON SITE! 🎅🏻

The delicious holiday flavors and balanced hop character of St. Nicholas Spiced Winter Ale is
meant to be enjoyed slowly and fully with friends and family!

The almost piney and spicy character of the hops mix with our special blend of winter spices to invite fond memories of the family around the tree.

ABV: 7.0%
Notes: malty + spicy + sweet

The greatest gift of all is sharing the gift of #FSBCo beer. Drop by and share a pint with your friends and loved ones! 🍻

#ncbeer #winterale #christmasbeer #nccraftbeer #brewerylife #craftbeer #brewery #asheboro #nctriad #ncbrewery

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✨We’ve hauled out the Holly and polished the jingle bells! 🔔

It’s December 1st and we’re all ready for the holiday season!

It’s the busiest time of year so let #FSBCo be your sweet escape! 🙌🏻

We’ll see you soon! 😉
Cheers! 🍻

#holidayseason #asheboro #ncbrewery #downtownasheboro #northcarolina #ncbeer #nctriad #beerbeerbeer #craftbeer

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Fill your holiday list with #FSBCo beer this season! 📝🎁

Available in 4 packs:
- flowers + fog West Coast IPA
- Staycation IPA
- Chilly Bin New Zealand IPA
- Impending Grace BBA Imperial Stout
- Omie Blonde Ale

We’re open 4-9 today - drop by and grab some to go beer!


#FSBCo #asheboronc #craftbeer #ncbrewery #nctriad #northcarolina #brewerylife

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Be Entitled this holiday season… 🎁

Have you tried our Entitled Dry Hopped Pilsner yet?

This light bodied crispy pilsner is chock full of flavor from the dry hopped process!

What’s does dry hopped mean?

Dry-hopping entails adding hops late in the brewing process, most often in fermentation tanks, to ramp up specific aromas and flavors without extracting more of the bittering qualities of hops. 🤯

TL/DR: pilsner with extra flavor! 🤤

Add Entitled to your drinking bucket list this week before it runs out! 🙌🏻
You won’t regret it!

Cheers! 🍻

#craftbeer #ncbrewery #nctriad #pilsner #ncbeer #brewerylife

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Taking a Stand VIII 😤

Our name is Four Saints Brewing Company and we approve this message.

#brewerylife #ncbrewery #northcarolina #nccraftbeer #craftbeer #asheboro #nctriad

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Turkin’ 9 to 5! 🦃

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today we’re thankful for:
- Great Beer for Great People
- Turkey
- Owners who are willing to commit to the bit

Cheers! 🍻

#ncbeer #thanksgiving #craftbeer #brewerylife #asheboro #northcarolina

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⚠️ Important Announcement! ⚠️

We’ll be closed Thursday, November 24th, to spend Thanksgiving with our friends and family!

We’ll be reopened Friday November 25th, at 12 pm with extended taproom hours!

We’ll see you Friday!
Cheers! 🍻

#ncbeer #brewerylife #asheboro #nc #ncbrewery #thanksgiving

54 1

Cheers, thank you, and see you soon!