Beers To GO

Come by our brewery for tours on Saturdays or call 336-610-FSBC (3722) to set up a mutually convenient time to stop by during the week. We accept Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and AMEX.


Growlers ($10-$20)

The price for fill-up depends on what’s available at the time, and whether you are refilling or buying a new growler. Pay for the growler once and you own it, then bring it back for refills. Please make sure you clean it before you bring it back for a refill. If you are not sure how, please ask us.


We carry a changing supply of merch at the brewery including pint glasses, shirts and other FSBC branded items.

Keg Rentals

Kegs are available in 5-gallon (1/6 bbl) and 15.5-gallon (1/2 bbl) sizes. Keg size and style are based upon availability. Please call us at 336-610-FSBC (3722) to order and reserve your keg in advance.

Deposit/Rental Fee

Tap deposit fee: $35.00

Keg deposit fee: $100.00

The deposit fee may be cash, debit, or credit card (Discover, MasterCard, Visa, AMEX).

All kegs require completion of an ABC Keg Registration/Transportation Form provided at the brewery upon pickup.


Tap Return Policy

To qualify for a full $35 tap deposit refund, taps must be returned in good condition within one week (7 days) of rental. Taps returned damaged or excessively late may be subject to non-refund of deposit, at the sole discretion of Four Saints Brewing Company.

Keg Return Policy

Keg deposit fee will be refunded upon return of the keg. Returned kegs will only be refunded for keg deposit; no refunds for unused beer. Kegs must be returned within seven (7) days (unless prearranged with FSBC) of purchase or renter may be subject to non-refund of deposit and a fine of up to $100, at the sole discretion of Four Saints Brewing Company.


Keg Yield Guide



How do I tap a keg?

We are happy to show you when you pick up your keg. The main thing to remember is don't overpump. Pump the tap just a couple of times with the faucet open until you get a nice steady flow, then stop pumping. Over-pumping introduces air and causes excess foam.

How long will kegged beer keep? Why does it go flat?

Kegged beer will keep for a few days if kept cold, on ice or refrigerated. Treat your keg like a bottle of milk: if beer gets warm, it goes sour or won't pour properly. Beer changes in taste as it changes in temperature and with each day it's exposed to air. Tapping your keg with a party pump puts air into the container. Carbon dioxide escapes as air enters the keg, causing the beer to go flat. Kegerator beer used with a proper CO2 system and temperature will maintain quality and shelf life. Kegerator beer lines should be cleaned on a regular basis.

If you're not sure, ask us! We're happy to help.