Champagne of the North and Punch of the South

Berliner Punch Berliner Weisse Is Coming Back

Bare feet, riding bicycles until dark, and drinking from the water hose are iconic summer memories. They come to mind when many of us reflect on the summers of our youth.  No drink captures that nostalgia quite like Four Saint Brewing Co.’s Berliner Punch Berliner Weisse.  Made with the seven flavors found in Hawaiian Punch, this refreshingly tart, crisp, and sweet brew will transport you to simpler times.  With a long, complex history that deserves commendation and a perfect profile for mixing cocktails, Berliner Punch Berliner Weisse is the punch you won’t mind taking to the face time and time again.  

And it’s returning in cans and on tap this May.

Berliner Punch Berliner Weisse Label Art by Rich Powell
Berliner Punch Berliner Weisse (Label Art by Rich Powell)

What is a Berliner Weisse?

Berliners are known for being refreshingly tart and sweet, with mild sourness and a flavorful finish.  The crisp, juicy acidity and light body combined with high carbonation levels make it a fitting summer day beverage.  Easy drinking and delivering mild cheek-tingling sensations, it’s complex in flavor without being potently sour and funky.  

Their crisp and light nature is why Berliners are known as the “gateway sour” of the brewing industry. They are perfect for people navigating the path to full-fledged, funky sour beers.

Most Berliners contain no hops, which allows the beer’s acidity and crispness to dominate the profile. The most common fruit features are red raspberry syrup and bright green woodruff syrup. (Travel to Berlin, Germany, and an additional question will follow up your Berliner Weisse order: rot oder grün?) 

The Four Saints Brewing Co. team takes it a step further. Apricot, pink guava, cara cara orange, raspberry, passion fruit, and pineapple complete the Berliner Punch Weisse flavor profile. These fruits provide all the pucker and zingy sensations of nostalgic Hawaiian Punch from summers past. 

Where Is Berliners’ Home?

The history of Berliner Weisse is a long and complicated one.  Multiple theories speculate about the exact origin date of  Berliner Weisse. One fact remains the same: True to its namesake, Berliner Weisse originated in Berlin, Germany.  

According to one theory, Huguenots created the first Berliner in the early 1700s after traveling through Flanders. They adopted the specific brewing techniques and carried them to Berlin.  Another theory asserts a beginning in the 1640s and a popular beer called Halberstädter Broihan.  Some historians and beer connoisseurs claim the evidence points as far back as the 1570s. 

However, its most popular accolade was being dubbed “Champagne of the North” by Napoleon’s troops – maybe even Napoleon himself.  

According to legend, Napoleon’s troops consumed generous amounts of Berliner Weisse as they commandeered Europe in the early 19th century.  Its zingy, elegant profile reminded them of the sparkling wine of southern Europe, thus lending the name “Champagne of the North” to the sparkling, refreshing beer.  

The popularity of Berliner Weisse declined significantly through the decades following Napoleon’s conquest, with only a handful of breweries in Berlin producing the style.  However, a recent surge in popularity in America and craft breweries abroad are resurrecting this new favorite warm-weather beverage.  Low in bitterness and residual sugar, it’s not just a go-to summer beer –  it’s a go-to cocktail mixer.

Shaken or Stirred?

It’s no secret that the team at Four Saints Brewing Co. delights in any opportunity to create new blends, recipes, and ways to enjoy an FSBC brew.  When Jamie came up with the idea to develop a series of summer cocktails, fellow Four Saints team member Megan excitedly jumped on board.  They concocted a tangy and sweet-fruited daiquiri featuring Berliner Punch Berliner Weisse.

The Berliner Punch Berliner Weisse and all the fruits!

“It was so much fun brainstorming beer cocktails with Jamie, and this drink was one of my favorites!” Megan shared.  “I felt the Berliner Punch was the best beer for this cocktail because it has a balanced blend of fruit and citrus, so we could let the beer shine and enhance the flavors already there.” Check out the how-to video on Tik Tok here.

As one of two featured sours that Four Saints Brewing Co. rotates, Berliner Punch Berliner Weisse will trade spots with Black and Blue and Red All Over, becoming available on tap and in cans this May.  Whether you enjoy the tropical goodness of a cocktail, grab cans to-go, or pull up a stool at the bar and order a goblet full, we hope you relish the oh-so-sweet-and-tart, nostalgic brew Berliner Punch Berliner Weisse.

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