A Traveler’s Guide To Downtown Asheboro

An Abridged List of Things To Do and Places To Go

As lovers of all things Downtown Asheboro, the Four Saints Brewing Company proudly presents an abridged list of things to do and places to go in our favorite, ever-growing little town.  When it comes to spending a day downtown, it’s difficult to say who’s more charmed: the locals or the tourists.  With an assemblage of brick-clad storefronts and mouth-watering eateries, you’ll quickly be adding Asheboro to your list of delightful downtown scenes.

A view of Sunset Avenue in Downtown Asheboro
A view of Sunset Avenue in Downtown Asheboro

1. Start Your Morning

 There’s no better way to start your morning in downtown Asheboro than at Bold Coffee Co., Nestled on Trade, and Fayetteville. You’ll be greeted with infectious smiles, cozy vibes, and decor that will have plant-lovers vying for a seat front and center at the bar.

Peruse their signature menu and seasonal flavors, or ask the barista for a recommendation according to your tastes.  From classics and seasonals to mixtures found only at Bold Coffee Co., there’s a perfect drink bursting with flavor for everyone.

After you’ve had your share of feel-good coffee house music, grab your drink and make your way to Sunset Avenue for an unforgettable breakfast at The Black Lantern Tea Room and Bakery.   A glass display stretches the width of the shop and showcases an array of gourmet treats in the form of tasty pastries, baked goods, cheesecake, quiche, truffles, and so much more.  Settle in an antique chair, soak in the moody atmosphere and exposed brickwork, and savor every bite of the made-from-scratch goodness.

For the option of light and hearty fare, visit The TableWith gourmet coffee, an assortment of fresh-baked goods, and a menu that highlights carefully selected ingredients and meals catered to the season, it’s clear why The Table is one of Asheboro’s favorite downtown eateries.

2. Mid-Morning Shop Strolling

A list of things to do in downtown Asheboro would be incomplete without an entire section dedicated to the assortment of shops available for your enjoyment.  With various antique outlets and locally owned shops ranging from craft studios to sleek boutiques, there’s something for everyone in downtown Asheboro.

Sunset Avenue is most notably known for its antique market…and for a good reason.  The Flea Marketeers, Collectors Antique Mall, and Antiques and Geeks Collectibles on Sunset captivate and enthrall visitors old and young.  You’ll have plenty of shelves and back rooms to meander through, from vintage vinyl records and antique glassware and china to collectors’ luggage sets more than a century old.  

When you’re ready to exit the time capsule and return to the present, visit Vintage Cottage for a unique gift shop experience or stop by Harper Jewel to find trendy clothing with boho charm. 

3. Lunch Fare

The locals – especially those who have loved Sunset Avenue through the decades – hold one place near and dear to their hearts: Hop’s BBQOne of Randolph County’s oldest restaurants, it’s been serving quintessential Western-style BBQ since the 1950s.  Occupying the same corner spot since its opening over half a century ago, it’s the place to visit if you want a glimpse of true downtown Asheboro nostalgia.

In the mood for nourishment that’s a bit zestier?  Make your way to The Taco Loco for authentic Latin American cuisine.  Pair amply-stacked street tacos adorned with a heaping amount of fresh cilantro alongside a signature jalapeno margarita for a sampling of Asheboro’s favorite downtown taco joint.

4. An Afternoon In The Park

Located in the heart of downtown Asheboro is the Bicentennial Park.  With a pavilion, wooden dance floor, picnic tables, fountain, and memory walk, this one-acre green space is perfect for enjoying the fresh air and your favorite treat from Nannie Mae’sNannie Mae’s provides the perfect morsel for a picnic in the park, offering cookies, macarons, pastries, and more. 

A few minutes’ walk down Fayetteville Street, Asheboro Popcorn Co. offers a variety of flavored popcorn.  From staple favorites to flavors guaranteed to surprise you, you’ll be asking for a to-go bucket to take home before you finish your very first bite.

Discover the next fun, family-friendly event at the park by viewing downtown Asheboro’s calendar here.

5. Cocktail Hour

 Wine lover?  Beer drinker?  Whiskey connoisseur?  Downtown Asheboro has it all.  Sit on the outdoor covered patio at Lumina Wine & Beer with a bottle of wine or craft beer and overlook two of the town’s signature murals – and if you’re lucky, catch a glimpse of the train as it slowly meanders through the city.

Enjoy a classic old-school cocktail or whiskey?  Listen to the music of the 1940s and share conversations with friends over a thoughtful drink at Leo’s Whiskey Bar.  With a selection of Bourbon, Rye, Scotch/Irish Whiskey, and classic cocktails, it has the cozy upscale ambiance perfect for trying something new or embracing an old friend.

Lover of all things beer?  Recently named the South’s 19th Best Brewery by Southern Living, Four Saints Brewing Co. is the place to be.  The menu boasts carefully crafted beverages ranging from malty and sweet, dark and roasty, hoppy and bitter, to sour and funky.  Grab a board game off the shelf, sit back and enjoy the entertainment, or join in the night’s fun.  With weekly trivia, live music, bring your own vinyl night, and more, a good time is always to be had at Four Saints Brewing Co.  Check out the Four Saints Brewing Co. event calendar here

5. Grab Some Grub

As your day comes to a close in downtown Asheboro, you’ll be faced with one of the more difficult decisions of the day: where to eat dinner.

Visit The Flying Pig for a light-hearted sports bar experience and the best appetizers.  Order their signature Angry Okra (fried jalapeno bites) with a side of nacho cheese for an explosion of spicy flavor. For southern comfort food that will make you homesick for grandma’s cooking, visit Magnolia 23 and order fried chicken guaranteed to be cooked to perfection every time.  Hamilton’s Steakhouse offers a more upscale menu, with steaks cut in-house daily and 100% fresh-ground filet, ribeye, and sirloin burgers.  The Bun Hut is sure to have your taste buds tingling, with Asian-Caribbean fusion fare and unique dishes that encapsulate the flavors of the islands.

So, there you have it: an abridged list of things to do and places to go in downtown Asheboro, North Carolina.  No matter where you go or who you see, you’ll be met with a smile and a friendly welcome.  View the town’s event calendar here and plan your visit to the Heart of North Carolina.