ABV IBU SRM Suggested Serving Temperature:
4.9 15.8 3.7 40-45°F

Glassware: Weizen style

Food Pairings: Lighter foods, salads, seafood, sushi, German dishes, poultry

Cheese Pairings: Tangy (i.e., Brick, Edam, Feta), chèvre goat cheese, herbed spread

Dessert Pairings: Very light, fruit desserts, key lime pie

Peach Hefeweizen

Each summer leaves too quickly, and only hazy memories of long days and treasured nights remain. Our Peach Hefeweizen elicits those slight reminiscent smiles from all summers past. The American wheat and barley malts, combined with German Hefeweizen yeast’s essence, finish with the slight hint of fresh Carolina Red Peaches to remind us all that summer is not a time of year, but a state of mind.

Thoughts: One of the pros of seasonal beers is an opportunity to tweak the brew schedule and recipe a little each year. With this particular beer we envision ourselves possibly investigating and experimenting with North Carolina’s wide assortment of peach varieties. Since each peach will have different characteristics, this beer has a possibility to have intriguing variance from year to year.