Why Asheboro?

Why NC? Why Asheboro?

North Carolina is home to some of the newest and best up-and-coming breweries in the business. The eye of the beer world seems to be shifting ever so slightly to what’s happening in NC regarding beer. With places like Hickory, Greensboro, Raleigh-Durham, Aberdeen, Morganton, Carrboro, and the list could go on and on having at least one brewery, how could we not want to do this in North Carolina? Not only are these places paving the way for new breweries like Four Saints, these established breweries have been so willing to talk with us. Although they could view us as competition and ignore our questions and be devilish, they have been exactly the opposite. How could we not want to be part of a community or family like that?

Asheboro was chosen because of the recent drive the city, like make small cities, has had to revive the downtown aspect of Asheboro. The recognition that a community will only strive if the community supports itself has become truth. Since day one Four Saints has received nothing but affirmations, support, and willingness from many of the community’s upstanding citizens. Most, if not all, are ready to help get Four Saints up and running. With the NC Zoological Park a few miles away, the International Potter’s Convention right downtown, and a slew of community driven events, Asheboro seems like the right kind of place for Four Saints Brewing Company.

Not to mention, from our research (and we aren’t Indiana Jones’ by any stretch of the imagination) there has never been an official brewery in Randolph County. Being a part of history can be a pretty damn cool thing.